LF East Coast US players - coop and PvP

I’ll keep it simple. It’d be nice to play with a few regulars who can play on est. I’m normally on almost every night from 8pm (give or take 20 minutes depending on how quickly the kids do bedtime) until midnight.
I have a mic, I use it. I can throw up a TS server or use vent/discord.
I play casual and for fun. Fun being the bottom line. I can actually have fun losing. Also, I refuse to surrender in a game so keep that in mind. No one gets better by giving up when you’re losing. You’d also be surprised how many times the surrender fails and we end up winning and leave that pre-made 5 man of higher levels wondering wtf just happened in the last 5 minutes of the match.
I’d also like to bang out more of the advanced and or hardcore story modes. My preferred method of playing is 1 or 2 story modes, 1 map of each PvP, and rinse and repeat. Sometimes just go through 1 PvP mode at a time the whole night. Sometimes just story mode. But I’m open for just playing the game just to play it!

So if you’ve made it this far, I’m from Jersey. Married with kids so sometimes I may need to go afk for a few because… well actually, if you’re married and/or have kids there’s no need to explain that one!

Shoot me a PM or just respond here if you’re interested in grouping up.

Edit: I should add one more thing. I ‘get’ that it will take some time to balance out a few things, fix the fps issues on some of the maps or with certain hardware. I know the game is far from perfect but if you can’t appreciate it in its current state and are going to just constantly b%$#h about Gearbox and why they should do x, y, z… well please for our own sanity, just move along.