Lf either a low level clone madding tracker or a ice breaker victory rush with either pistol or smg dmg

I have a consecutive hit flipper, a consecutive hit fire fly and a critical thug with 300 over 90

Do you have any N2M convergences or monarchs? Can be x4 or x8, it dont matter.

Sorry for the really late reply, was really busy. I do have a x4 cryo convergence with n2m shock

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That will work, what’s your psn?

Add me if you like, I’ve got a level 8 cmt w/ OGT anointment
Psn is my username here - though i wont be on for a few hours



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Also I have a ice breaker victory rush with +smg dmg, +AOE dmg, +mag size. That’s what I’m trading. Just so you know

That’s absolutely perfect for what I need thank you

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