LF ele pro deathless + annoint devil foursum

Looking to trade for elemental projector deathless / and a devil’s foursum that is announted with extra splash damage after action skill ect … would love a double penn one.


Let me know what you need. Got lots of annointed stuff, including a godly lyuda

Do you have an anointed brawler ward with melee damage after phase slam? I have the elemental deathless

I have annointed brawler ward but it does 4k aoenova damage after using phase

I have Anointed Foursum, is cryo fine

Yeah, what’s the annoint on it and watcha looking for?

Status effect damage and chance by 75%, if you have Blast Master or Bloodletter, I could use that

Anything you send me I’ll send a dupe back when I get on
PSN x_WiLdChIlD_m

I have an elemental Deathless what Lyuda do you have?