LF Electric Banjo and/ or Redistributor

Like most folk I have tonnes of stuff to trade. Let me know what you’re requirements are and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Any kybs worth annointed with sntl active do cryo / while gamma burst active do bonus radiation / or one ase do splash damage? I have rad redistributer (non annointed) and corrosive (consecutive hits annointment) and electric banjo with shock dmg and chance

Got an atom balm in anything other than deathless or loaded dice with +1666 to shield?

I have a kybs x3 with ase splash damage. Looking for banjo with shock damage and chance

Dude are you hijacking my LF request? Nothing like taking the piss is there? :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’ve got an Atom Balm White Elephant with Radiation/Corrosive/Accuracy

The only loaded dice I have is Flesh Melter 17% Pistol and an Electric Slide 17% SMG.

Any use?

Nope sorry I really need the shield, my Zane is glass cannon I need to make him less glass lol.

No problem mate, good luck in your search.

My bad I’m looking for a banjo too. I have one, just not with shock damage and electrocute chance. I wanted to see which one they had. But either way I could still dupe one so we both have it. Wasn’t trying to steal your post, I was just deep in search for days now lol. I could give you one but it’s not the best version out there

I was only joking bro no problem. I didn’t realise you could dupe on the Xbox?

That would be sweet man, if your still looking I will send the banjo over. Gt is Ye olde wolf

Hey bud you still looking for a banjo?

Yea as long as you’re in a game and some one else is the host, you can dupe by spamming your bank. There’s youtube vids on it too. You can also do it solo if you have 2 accounts and 2 controllers but it’s a different method. Theres a reddit post on that one

Does it have shock damage and electrocute chance?

Nevermind I saw your post on the other page. I have a corrosive cutsman 100 ase if you want that

Yes it does

I will take that gt is Ye olde wolf. If you add me right away I can send over, I’m off to work in about 15, I can also send later this afternoon

It’s cool I’m off for night anyway. We can link later on

Let me know whenever you’re back. I’m on again

What’s your gt I will add ya, but it might be a few minutes before I can get on. Do ya gotta dupe some stuff