LF: Electric Banjo

I’ll be honest. I’ve never farmed it and have never had one but I want to try it on a Zane build if anyone has an extra one.

I’ll send you one. PSN?

I use it on my Zane with a Rad Redistributor and it absolutely wrecks.

PSN: IVIassivedynamic. (It’s capital i, V, capital i) Thanks. I don’t have much to trade. Haven’t farmed a lot of lvl 53 great yet but if there’s something specific you’re looking for, I can keep an eye out.

I’ve been doing sort of a cryo build but haven’t gotten a good artifact yet (I just got my Zane up to 53 from 10 last week) so I just have a blue that increases health and shield atm. I have been using a lvl 50 redistributor that I had gotten on another character and I agree that it wrecks. I feel like this build has a lot of potential if I can add the right gear.

No worries. I’ll send you some leveled gear in the morning. No need for anything in return. This community is super generous and I have been the recipient of more free gear than I can even remember at this point

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I totally agree. It doesn’t take long for someone to offer something up if you ask. The community always comes through so it makes me want to be generous in return.

Request sent

I think I accepted your friend request but I’m not positive. What’s your PSN?