LF Electric Slide Deathless

Trying to complete my Gunner build but can’t find this relic anywhere. If anyone has it please let me know, I’ve got plenty to trade for it. Thanks!

I do have one with the following buffs: +16% Shock dmg, +37% FFYL Movement Speed, and +333 AOE dmg.

I’m personally looking for Anointed Maggies, Anointed Conference Calls, and the Bounty Hunter Class mod (fL4K)

I should have all of that. Any specific anointments on the weapons or bonuses on the class mod?

For the Maggie, I’d prefer a general anointment like +dmg on ASE but I’ll take whatever. The Conference Call, same thing

I’ve got this Maggie if you want to trade, just let me know. My gamertag is Hunter0471.

Deal. I’ll mail the Artifact to you when I get home

Cool. What’s your gamertag?

It’s MasterPham III, thanks in advance

Sure thing man

Hey I just mailed you the item. Lmk if there’s any problems