LF elem projector

With splash or weapon damage if not that’s also fine.

I have a few of those, i think i still have them. Have to check when i get home.


I have a few elemental projector’s which might have gun damage perk (need to check as lose track of what each has) but any certain one your looking for ? also got any of the following: bashing shockwave infiltrator, anointed crossroads with 125% damage (any element but fire), or bone shredder in fire, cyro, shock or radation ?

Honestly any projector will work im testing an amara build. I don’t have a bashing infiltrator but I do have an infiltrator and some legendary flak mods? Interested in any of those?

I prefer victory rush for kill badass or something then gain 18% movement and damage for 60 seconds or static charge variant (forgot its effect now) which I own and few other varients I don’t use myself per say but others might use deathless one and only after anointed elemental crossroads , that specific zane class mod and maybe bone shred in fire, shock, radiation and cyro.

Yeah man I’m sorry I don’t have any spares of those to trade. Thanks for responding tho.

if you got anything I need I can burrow it and return it back with elemental projector ( though up to you which variant you like) on top but your choice :slight_smile:

Thanks man that’s be dope

@nickfrench7 I’ve got a plus 90% elemental damage projector relic. If you’d like to trade for it,do you have a legendary deadeye mod with plus shotgun (and) crit damage,as could use for a butcher build. Lmk