LF: Elemental +90% damage boost relic!

I’m after a +90% elemental damage boost relic to run a gamma burst build on FL4K, has anybody got one they don’t need or is willing to let go? I have a good amount of legendaries, so let me know!

This what your after.??

That is what I’m looking for, what would you want for it my dude?

My psn is M3RK-R4ID3R add me

nothing ya can have it, have sent you a fr on psn…

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I’ve added you, send it whenever you can, cheers buddy!


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Just saying Welcome bro. I got one of those a few days ago, but I don’t think mine was 90%!

Cheers dude! And I wasn’t specifically looking for that artifact, I needed one with the 90% elemental boost and that one has decent bonuses

No worries happy to help out…