LF Elemental Amara Loadout

basically Annointed Crossroads for each
Annexed lyuda (fire) Annointed even better
Annoited brawlers ward
and prolly better relic/phasezerker class mods

Feel free to add anything you like playing with that build…

i got basically a Moze loadout Recurring/mirv-tacular hexes perfomance enhanced rough rider a good moze annointed transformer and purple shied a 300% phaseslam non ele butcher and various more stuff feel free to ask thanks psn: itz_luco


Whats the annointment on the Transformer? I have an annointed Fire Crossroad (Phaseslam)

i got this transformer and a few more scattered what annointement u want?

also have

That Gunner one is great. Trade?
Psn: psDrEw66

added you im on pretty much all day