LF elemental faisors and/or Devastators

Looking for the following items:

  • corrosive faisor (got this one now)
  • radiation faisor
  • Non double penetration devastator with 16 magazine

Annointments would be nice but not required - let me know what you’re looking for?

I have the corrosive faisor. Not sure if anointed or not. Looking for +5 anima phasezerker mod with AS reduction and mag size.

i have a trade set-up already for a corrosive faisor. I probably don’t have that specific roll on the phaszerker anyway. I can’t wait until dedicated drops come out

Yea me too. For the record I checked and it was anointed with on ASE apply terror.

I have a rad devastor that fires skulls on phasegrasp.

You have a radiation devastator? Or are you saying that you have a pretty awesome devastator

Its radiation. Annointed to fire terror skulls.

Wait lmk double check

I don’t think Devastator comes in any elements. Maybe you’re thinking of the Devils Foursum?

That’s exactly what i did actually. The annointment is the same tho

I’ve got all elements Faisor ASE, 125%. do you have a dp shock redline? or a tsunami w/ next 2 mags cryo?

Finally found a radiation faisor! Still looking for one?