LF elemental Flakker (pref fire)

LF elemental Flakker (pref fire)
would trade for some other goodies, like conference call / brainstormer / lyudas in different variations / relics / grenades / class mods. pm me and tell me what u want.

annexed or non annexed fire?

doesnt really matter, i just wanted a elemental version :slight_smile:

add me on psn OP_Haunter

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aye, will do right now

do u need something specific in return?

brainstormer or the conference call would be nice

aye, cool… will inv you… edited my first post, also need a Elemental Projector Deathless… maybe u got one left :stuck_out_tongue:

you got some mail

nah sry haven’t found one yet

oh didnt know u can send items via post… lemme figure out how to do this

options -> social -> most right tab -> square

thanks a lot :slight_smile: hope those 2 were enough

sure don’t worry