Lf elemental hyperfocus for Zane

I’m looking for the newly buffed hyperfocus only elemental 1s with the anoitment for Zane with 100 cyro damage got good Zane gear to swap with the same anoitment redistributers corrosive and radiation
Non elemental conference call
Dictators corrosive and radiation
Wedding invitation
Non elemental auto aime
Cutsman corrosive shock shock is level 50 still gets the job done
Cyro laser sploder
Sickle corrosive and non elemental
Vanquisher shock
Thunderball fist
Wagon wheel
Shredifer shock
And a bunch of Dahl ar which all just got buffed all in cyro corrosive and radiation
Don’t message me back here just add me my gamer tag is mandemlethal message me there