LF Elemental Moonfire with 300 above 90

I already got kinetic.

MH10 only of course.

I’ve got the pistol you’re looking for… Just add me on Epic/Shift: korben44 and it’s yours!

Would you happen to have any of those moonfires still?

I do… I’m hopping on now and I’ll send it over… Did you add me?

I can add you in a bit :slight_smile: just got home and helping the wife with stuff. My shift is SirBoonShire and my epic is Sasuke uWuchiha

Cool… I’ll add your shift account and once you accept I can send it over. I have a corrosive, shock and rad version. Just let me know which you prefer!

I have added you! Would it be possible to get rad and corrosive? I don’t wanna sound too greedy

just lemme know~

You got it…well, them!

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Thannk you so much!

No problem! Just pay it forward!

Will do~ going to be constricting some flak builds and creating save files for m10~

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Hi there! Sorry for the much belated reply…

In case you duped, do you still have it/them?

I will toss you an invite right now. My Shift is “Wesu”.

EDIT: I would really like the Shock and Corrosive ones. In that order of priority.

EDIT2: LOL it seems we’ve already interacted in the past. As I already had you added

I’m hopping on in a few minutes. I’ll send both to you!

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They are yours!

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