LF Elemental Projection artifact with Bonus Mag Size/ Anointed Siren weapons with Bonus Damage etc

Let me know what you’re looking for in return and I’ll see if I have it in stock. Message me here or on PSN: Faptain_Amerika

I have an elemental projector Victory Rush with some decent perks like movement speed if you’re using Amaras new mod.

Looking for an anointed Kyb’s Worth or any of the new class mods I don’t already have.

The only things I have are a few Red Suit shield mods at the moment. I’m really only looking for elemental projectors with mag size and the cutsmans with the anointments. Add my psn and send me screen shots of what you’re willing to trade if you want any of the Red Suit mods or if anything else you think of comes to mind, let me know and I’ll check to see if I have it.