LF Elemental Projector artifact

will trade anything I have

Whachu got for artifacts?

are you looking for anything specific?

Any otto idle or victory rush? If so wouldn’t mind pics

I will give you one if you want. I’ve been hunting for one that has - action skill cooldown rate and I can’t seem to find one so far, and I have two to spare and I know how hard they can be to get. I can’t remember what specific ones I have but they’re both elemental projector artifacts. you can add me on epic at randmanq

I’ve got elemental projector otto idol with action skill cooldown if people are still looking.


That’s exactly what I’m looking for nVission. I just need one with the action skill cooldown on it. I’ve been farming for so long for that and I have gone through several elemental projectors and still can’t find it. I’ll trade literally anything I have, multiple items if necessary. I have allot of stuff across different characters so it’s difficult to name every item I have here. you can add me on epic at randmanq

Yes please Xbox gt eebros

PC forum.