LF Elemental Projector Deathless *DONE*

A few items I have to trade:

-5 different bloodletters
-Rowan’s Call (Fire, Shock, Radiation)
-Butcher (All elements cept Radiated)
-Lyuda (All elements cept shock)
-Kings (shock) and Queens (cryo) call
-Fire Flakker & Casual Flakker
-Hex (Shock, Cryo, Radiated) None recurring, but all mirv or divider
-Phasezerker w 25% gun damage & 5 +grenade capacity
-Lasersploders (all elements cept corrosive)
-A whole lot more

I have one, want to trade it for the fire flakker ?

Sure…what’s your EPIC tag?

What would you want for that Phasezerker?

Title^ lol


I saw that you had gotten one already, my bad! Anything else you are looking for?

A shock lyuda, corrosive laserploder, Rain Firestorm, a purple gunner-annoited Quickie Rocket launcher, or better bloodletter mod (with splash AND weapon damage) would be sweet. …that’s all i can think of atm.

I have a Rain Firestorm I would trade you.

Perfect…whats your EPIC ID?


hey want 2 trade me that fire lyuda i have deathless and tons of other items if you need lots of class mods grenades shields just cant get that fire lyuda to drop for life of me

I dont mind, but do you have that specific deathless?

actually dont have that one sorry for the mistake

I have a Elemental projector Deathless would you trade a Shock Rowans Call for it?

Im good now thankx