Lf: elemental projector deathless

Message me with what you’d like for it please

Gt the lemonader

What’re you looking for?

The below guns with either +250%/300% Amara Annoitment, or SNTL Cryo Zane Annoitment;
Cutsman (pref fire)
Fire Crossroads
Night Hawkin
Cryo LaserSploder
Maggie (Zane only)

Or a Legendary Ice Breaker with Mag Size and at least one of these… Action Cool down, Cryo Damage, Cryo Efficientcy

Only night hawkin I got and I don’t have the others with 250%

Do you have any guns with “while sntl is active bonus Cryo”?

No unfortnately, i do not have a lot for zane

No worries, I’ll do that trade. My GT is MegalomaniacHD

Okay I’ll send it via mail, my gt is: the lemonader


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