[LF] Elemental projector (not a deathless) Leg Phasezerker mod, and Shock Crossroads [H] rain fire grenades, bloodletter, laser sploders in fire,shock,corrosive + lots more legendaries

Trying to complete my Amara build. If you have any or all of these please let me know what you’re looking for and hopefully I’ll have it and we can make a deal.

GT: Starfall Shadow

What’s your bloodletter look like on rolls

+1 TRL
+1 DM
+3 PD

+29% splash damage radius
+31% SMG Damage
-18% Damage reduction

I know it’s not the best unfortunately

i have a phazerzerker mod. whats the stats on the sploder a rain firestorm?

Which Sploder? I have 3 different ones.

The rain firestorm is 1969 damage, 307 radius, 4090/s 56% chance and it has longbow

have a burning gratifying sploder?

Sorry. Mine is a Double Penetrating burning laser sploder.

Interested in firestorm nade mod.
Have zerkers:
1] 13% fire rate, 30% nade dmg, 10% tediore dmg
2] 50% cov acc, 27% nade radius, 20% cryo resist

What are the skill distributions?

Here’s my Zerker mod, I’m interested in your fire or shock Sploders if the mod interests you.

I have a couple zerker mods I’d trade one for that rain firestorm.

Oh wow gone for lunch and I come back to a bunch of offers. I am looking for a good zerker mod so perks are key.