LF- elemental projector Otto w/ CDR

Let me know what you have and need! Ty!


I don’t suppose you have:

  • Cryo Element Butcher with 100% Cryo STNL
  • Fire Scourge with Same Anoint ^
  • Fire Craps with Same Anoint^
  • Any Moze 125% splash weapons

If not I’m a sad boi :frowning_face:

Man I’m still trying to get that phasezerker from you lol and you hit me with another one!

Why do u want fire if u have rad? Just to have all elements?

Craps? For anointed and badass flesh enemies…im using Fire Linoge, but its not that good on Zane

And for Scourge I use it for Bosses

Why don’t use rad instead?

Bosses like Troy/Tyreen, Graveward, and enemies like anointed all take more damage from fire…

And they’re one my favorite guns :sunglasses: :metal:

Got it bra thanks!

I didn’t realize u were the same person lolol its been sent