Lf elemental projector, radiation devils foursum and red fang class mod

Lf elemental projector class mod, LVL 50 radiation devils foursum and ref fang class mod. Trying to put together a radiation flack build but can’t seem to get these items to drop. Gt Anastas232

I have a red suit I could trade you

Awesome! What are you looking for?

Do you happen to have any Amara anointed weapons? Crossroads or Cutsman?

I’ll have a look now

I also have the Elemental Projector

I’ve got 2 binary mocking cutsmans one in corrosive and one in fire. None anointed tho. I’ve got a raisens thorn which increases melee damage by 100% on action skill end, don’t know if that will help ur build. And a hostile crossroad in fire not anointed though :frowning:

Yeah don’t need any of those. How about a Maggie?

Or an anointed Shreadifier?

I’ve got a maggie

Does it happen to be anointed?

Stock standard I’m afraid

How about a brainstormer, have any anointed by any chance?

Na no anointed ones. Didn’t even know they were any good haha

Shoot me the Maggie when you have a chance, I will mail you the two you need now. Gamertag is JumpnSpyder

Sent, have fun!

Have you got an atom balm relic? I’m doing a Zane radiation build (not 50 yet though) and it got recommended to me, should suit it perfectly

I might, let me look

Oh sorry that was to OP, just passing some advice I was given about making a radiation build. I got a level 50 from my Flak waiting for my Zane to level up already.

Na I don’t , will keep my eye out for one