LF Elemental Projector Vic Rush and class mods

I’m trying to finish up a build I’m working on. If anyone has an Projector Vic Rush with splash damage. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you farm for or see if I have it.
I’m also looking for a seeing dead and a hustler class mod with splash damage, splash damage radius. My name on epic is ThirdEyeOP

I have the Elemental Projector Victory Rush and the Hustler com with splash.

I’d be interested in any GTD gear as I don’t ever play that map because I hate the platforming.

I’m Mourning6lory on Epic.

I got a seen dead with splash damage and I think also a projector victory rush. Do you happen to have an ice breaker deathless pref. with bonus radiation damage and redistributor with 50/150 rad annoint?