Lf: elemental projector victory rush like this

Does anyone have this or something close? I would very much like to work something out cause I really want this.

Closest i have is:

I already have one at 90%, I’m sorry that I didn’t, put that in my post. I appreciate you trying to help though

Didnt they nerfed all down to 90? Except if ur offline :thinking:

well thanks for the info, what do you want for that because I don’t have a victory rush?

I mail it to u. Only thing i look for atm is redistributor with shock and sntnl anoint.

If u dont have that, maybe you can keep ur eyes open in the future for it?

I believe that I have that, give me a min please

I don’t sorry, I have every other but shock

No worries, i will send u over the artifacts ( i did have two i saw:))

Thanks and I’ll lt you know when I get a shock one

Cool, thanks :grin: