LF: Elemental Projector Victory rush or 100/125 Rowan’s, Crossroads, Trevonstor, Projectile Recursion

Could use anything in the title. The only 100/125 crossroads I don’t need is cryo. Also a last stand victory rush would be great if it has weapon damage or smg damage.

I have lots to trade, happy farming!

I’ve got the following:

Rowan’s call: 692, 7.28, 20 mag, incendiary; AN 125% boss dmg ASE

Rowan’s Call: 658, 7.62, 24 mag, shock; AN two mags 50% bonus corrosive ASE

Hostile Crossroad: 345x4, 9.45, 45 mag, incendiary; AN 100% dmg ASE

Defrauding Crossroad: 328x4, 10.42, 49 mag, corrosive; AN 125% boss dmg ASE

Last Stand Victory Rush: 17% smg, 8% movement speed, 30% shield delay

Let me know


Spooling projectile recursion: 1619x2, 4.63, 10 mag, radiation and corrosive; AN 100% Dmg ASE

Interested in most everything you posted.

In order the artifact, incendiary Rowens, hostile crossroads and the projectile recursion.

Is there anything in particular you are interested in?
I have lots of anointed gear. I haven’t made a spreadsheet but I could send over some pics of some of my notables.

Cool, glad it’s of interest. Do you have any anointed recurring Hex grenades? Or anointed re-charger or stop-gap shields?

Also have cryo and shock anointed recurring

may have a corrosive crossroad and a rowans, interested in that armory and reinforced SG

Some cool stuff. Want to do a big ol’ trade then? The four bits you wanted from me, in exchange for both grenades and the first and last of the three shields you posted?

Sounds good. I’ll mail those items over to you in the morning. What’s your GT?

Perfect, I should be able to jump on in a few hours time to do likewise. GT: Flipp. What’s yours?

Meester Peenchy

All items sent. Enjoy and ty!

Likewise, should have all been sent to you. Let me know if there are any problems. Good hunting!