LF: Elemental Projector Victory Rush & Spiritual Drivers

Have a bunch of stuff!

Found a few Spiritual Driver COMs & willing to trade for more synergistic ones. Prefer at least 2 or 3 in Mindfulness. Does it come with Action Skill Cooldown? Here are mine –

+1 Clarity
+2 Helping Hands
+2 Mindfulness
-19 Shield Recharge Delay
+15 Tediore Weapon Fire Rate
+10% Vladof Weapon Damage

+2 Clarity
+3 Mindfulness
+32% Atlas Weapon Fire Rate
+45% Jakobs Weapon Critical Damage
+54% Weapon Charge Speed

+2 Clarity
+1 Mindfulness
+2 Helping Hands
+25% Torgue Weapon Reload Speed
+31% SMG Damage
+10% Torgue Weapon Damage

I have the Elemental projector, Im looking for a shock everblast with homing\mirv. Add on psn if you are interested: Hernan13

will check my shotgun mule!

I’m going to check. Have about 4-5 Spiritual drivers. Would you happen to have a Phazerker mod with smg damage + Maliwan damage?

+2 Helping Hands
+3 Mindfulness
+50% Dahl Weaopon Accuracy
+10% Jakobs Weapon Damage
+10% Maliwan Weapon Damage

+2 Helping hands
+1 Clarity
+2 Mindfulness
+31 SMG Damage
+25% Dahl Weapon Reload

I Have a Elemental Driver Victory Rush

Sorry hernanortega13 – only have a non-elemental Everblast/homing/mirv (226x10)

will check

Whats your PSN?

PSN = bevross

Buckshotzero – do you mean Elemental Projector Victory Rush? I have Phasezerker with +31% Shotgun damage, +31% Pistol damage, +30% grenade damage but not SMG or Maliwan (looking to boost the Cutsman?!) Sorry! Anything else for the Projector?

If you have a face puncher ill trade for that aswell.

I have Projector idol/victory rush/deathless

Facepunchers I have – Redundant & Deep Dive. Redundant is Anointed --2 mag bonus incendiary on action skill end.

Buckshot – what can I trade you for the Projector Victory Rush?

Ill trade the relic for the redundant if you are interested. Message me on psn if so, hernan13

ok, hernan – will send friend request for trade

Was about to send. Looks like you have been taken care of. Cool.

Would you happen to have a Corrosive cutsman that also deals fire damage as bonus.


dang, no. didn’t know was possible? have a regular corrosive cutsman. might still be interested in your projector, they aren’t all equal (& don’t know what this other looks like)

I’ll send it to you