LF Elemental Projector / victory rush!

Hi guys!!

Looking for a good Ele proj / victory rush with good mod if possible

I have a lot to offer , let me know what you need!

Thanks a lot!!

Psn : jotheking

I have some elemental projectors, idk about victory rush. I’ll see what I have when I get home in a bit.
Psn Nd4eva

^ I will be home in about 2 hrs if you need, PSN above ----^ errrrr –

I have an elemental projector victory rush w 40% mag and some other decent rolls. Do you have any good version of Kyb’s Worth?

I think , I will show you

Did you got my msg?

I have a kyb’s worth shock corrosive x3 with 100% rakk attack

Just got home if you need, that kybs sounds awesome

Mag + aoe + electrocute
Rad resist + hp Regen + ffyl due
Shotty dmg + melt + shock resist