LF Elemental Projector White Elephant please help!

LF a Elemental Projector White Elephant with melee, splash DMG, aoe DMG, weapon DMG, etc on it. Have lots to trade.

Hey mate still looking for that ? I have one with melee damage on it

Nah I found one for the build I was trying out didn’t like it so don’t really need.it anymore

Do you still have an extra one? The knife drain one I have is missing melee damage unfortunately.

I don’t know what I have I’ll check in the morning when I get back from doing errands

Yes still. Also have knife drain white elephant with melee damage if you want. Add me later :wink:

Thanks! Just sent a FR to you.

Anything you’d want to trade for your knife drain white elephant mate? :smirk:

I’ll send you one too :grin:. If you have a psycho stabber 300/90 it would be a pleasure. If not no problem.

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Cheers mate! Yup I do. Ill send it after work in about 10 hours

Nice. Same for me.

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You too :wink:

Forgot to mention the knife drain white elephant with melee dmg sounds good too. :slight_smile:

Anything else you’re still looking for that I can send over?

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I’ll send you good melee stuff don’t worry😉.
Maybe you got some redline shotgun in your stuff, i heard it was buffed but i don’t want to farm it again :pensive:

What’s your PSN mate?


My psn is kirkvisa haha. Were already friends i believe

Apparently no. Just add you

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Got them, thanks! I’ll keep an eye out on the redline for you but in the meantime I sent you back some stuff. :slight_smile:

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Sent, and thanks for the redline

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Thanks for the items!

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