LF elemental projector

I’m looking for an elemental projector otto idol and an elemental projector deathless artifact. Have most anything for trade and can also power level characters to 50 in exchange.


Bump again lol, anyone?

Got Bloodletter, Phasezerker, or Rowans?

All three, multiple elements of rowans too.

Could I have pictures of the 2 mods and a Shock Rowans if you have one

I’m not at my console right now. Send me a message and I’ll send pics of them.I have a couple shock rowans. Ones annointed too I believe.

o Hired Gun o

Will do.

Phasezerker mod please. Do we trade in a lobby?

Sure, inv pls

OMG I have been looking everywhere for this and farming forever. Do you want to trade for something? I have a bloodletter as well.