LF elemental projector?

can anyone help me out with a elemental projector? I’ve been farming for an EP victory rush for the best part of 2 days, but have given up and will take any with AOE damage at this point

I think i have them. I also have other EP. Give me a few hours and I will check my vault for you?

Yh that’d be great! Thanks

I actually do have one!

You’d be a legend if you sent that over, I sent you a friend request earlier. I probably don’t have much in terms of offering a trade :confused:


If you have the following let me know, if not, just think of me if you ever do :slight_smile:

Good roll seein dead
Good roll bounty hunter/st4k bot
Last stand Otto idol with AOE
BLAST master: 100%splash
Mind sweeper: grenade + splaah