LF - EM-P5 any, if annoited consecutive hits

LF - em p5 . I have all characters level 50 so lots to trade, new stuff included. My GT is cogs8

Have: vindicator ghast, Cor/shock extra proj crossroads, and extra proj corrosive lucians. 2 different red suits. Redundant phebert shock, with ase 2 mags with 50% shock dmg. Executive tankmans shield sniper w phasecast status chance 50%.
Spiritdriver 2 mind, 2 helphands, 1 clarity, but ■■■■ buffs.
Have a few kybs Worth’s, good juju

Would you trade your vindicator ghast for something other than the new weapons? All I have is Tankmans at the moment. I have another post listing some trade items.