LF emp5 smg willing to trade for it

I have lots of legendaries which include some of the new ones such as tiggs boom, good juju non elemental with consecutive damage on hits also some class mods and artifacts including knife drain victory rush.
Message what you are looking for I’ll see if I have it.

Just to note I have the driver class mod for Amara I haven’t got the other new ones yet.

Have any Rakk Attack Stuff?

Do you have any Infinity Pistols, or the Damned AR with anointments that aren’t Terror?

I’ll have a look for you

Ive got a non elemental infinity with increased fire rate while airborne and for the rakk ones I have the duc that debuffs them and a lyuda that gives an extra charge

Would they be of any use to you?

Sure I’ll be on later today. PSN jorgeammo

Do you have an anointment on the emp5 if you have it? Doesnt matter if it doesn’t.
My psn is ManicRaccoon

I have 3 or 4 of them annointed.

Consecutive hits
Bonus corosive mags
Accuraccy and handling
And possibly 100% ASE later today.

Ooh sounds nice I will happily trade the items I have. I’ll send you a friend request

Sent you a friend request

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Thought I would ask which of the items I lister would you like in exchange for the emp5?

Jorge you dodged my friends request once!

You won’t again!

I have a annexed corr damned with the consecutive hits annointment

I have razrez damned with the %100 rakk attack annointment

Along with other items with rakk attack and ase annointments for maggie, lyuda, bekah etc.

Accept my friends request and we can trade kater especially if you get a emp 5 x2 100% ase

I like infinitys the duc is okay I’m guessing I already have that Lyuda, but worth a look.

I’ll send you the infinity and the duc. The lyuda doesn’t have an element though

I have cryo and shock infinity pistols but they don’t have an anointment.

Sent you the 2 items do you want the other infinity pistols?

Closed at OP’s request - deal done.