LF EMPR-TP head or Shadow trap head (don't know abbr.)

Aaaarrrggghhh! Been farming sentinel for EMPR-TP head for days… Really wanted that head before UVHM. Tried farming EOS too for Shadow trap head but no progress on there either (though I think that may be Shadow trap’s own loot pool. Anyway I have Handsome head (Jack) and CMDO-TP heads that dropped if anyone is interested.

What mode are you playing on? I’ve got a 70 clappy I can help out let me know.

Im on TVHM currently, but I’ve unlocked UVHM., just havent started it yet. Just looking to do a quick trade, I understand people are having trouble finding the handsome and CMDO-TP heads also (already unlocked both).

I play as the doppleganger and it would be nice to get the handsome head but I tought it was dropped from the slots

You can get it from raid sentinel apparently. Been farming him and I’ve gotten it twice. You still looking for it?

ya could you give me one that would be awesome

Yeah, no worries- I’ll be on in the morning and tomorrow evening, just let me know when is better and ill hook you up.

What was the thing that dropped the head and im online right now my gt is xDeadlySurvivor

I made a post about this too Iv farm the raid boss and zarpadon and not once gotten the drop for it. The same goes to the legendary athena head I get CMDO-TP and tech ninja constantly but not there legendarys but for the other 4 classes I have there legendary and have gotten them multipule times but yet to see there purple head drop. I think it’s glitched but if you get one or if I get one messege this forum to duplicate it

Yeah I’ll keep you posted- still farming… Like you said had heads for every other class drop.

the head into there inventory because I have TPS on both one and 360 because it has to be glitched Iv farm all day to as my claptrap and only get CMDO head yet get everyone but athena and his head legendary

Good question. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any trade store threads around anymore, like there were on the BL2 forums. Just people wanting to be power leveled and looking for co-op. Personally I feel trade threads and co-op threads should be in different areas. But these forums don’t seem to be very active on the TPS side…

For the shadowy trap head are you trying to get the version of clap looking like him or the legendary version were he looks like a lock up Hannibal Lecter

Either. I didn’t realize there was a Hannibal-esque one. I found LUNR-TP and CMPU-TP but don’t really care for either…

The last one is shdw-tp and makes you look like him when you first see him in jail. I trying to farm that head but not sure if it’s shadow trap that drops it or ESO

I was farming I got 2 last night, I kept them because you and someone else here said they wanted one, would you trade for the handsome mask?

■■■■. I definitely would have, but I gave it to the guy earlier cause no one seemed interested. I knew this would happen… Id be happy to trade you something for it but I’m not sure I have anything you want- my highest characters currently are 52 ish. I do have a Bandita Brave legendary head for Nisha if that interests you.

I mean it’s one of my favorite heads but I have it already lol. Just shoot me a pm we can work something out.