LF Enforceable Shock Bullpup (Lvl 60)

My BL1 save doesn’t seem to be taking, and the one that I got from Gearbox is a plain old one.

Anyway, have a fair amount to trade, and can even do some special requests. Lemme know what you’re interested in?

Got one Jonny…just the other Day as a matter of fact.

I don’t use it. Looking for a Bouncing Bazza to do the grenade challenge or an explosive Badaboom. If you don’t have one I will just give it to you

Hey John!

I happen to have a rubberized Corrosive Bouncing Bazza. That work? I can probably pickup a different one if you’d rather–just lemme know.


PS: Steam ID: jonnyd_wsc
PPS: You keeping the Axton…er, Wilhelm forum in line like old times, man? :wink:

That grenade might actually let me do two challenges at once both the Betty challenge and the corrosive grenade challenge so yes I will give it a try Steam is Johnrr6

New breed Jonny new breed. I’m more along for the ride in this one LOL

I might do a battalion aid station thread if I get enough extra gear and can find some buds just to help folks out.