LF Engulfing Super Shredifier any element

Have lots to trade. PSN bloodrain4 hmu if you want to trade

Super? I don’t recall ever seeing the word super, I might have one tho. I have 5 or 6 shredifiers. Most with anoints.

I have 8 or so.

Do you have a Nimble Jack?

Any annointed X6 Dictators?

Mayhem 4 Amara anointed weapons?

All kinetic, but I have a 300% phaseslam, a 250% phasecast, and a accuracy anointed one.

All are super shredifiers/has the double chaingun

What are you looking for the Phaseslam shred and the accuracy shred?

Curious how much accuracy helps with a super shred since their accuracy is crap.

I have an engulfing super shredifier in shock with 50% bonus fire damage on ASE

Got any Kyb’s? I will send you both BTW

I’ve got 7 or 8 Kyb’s

PSN jorgeammo

Neutral anointments, 250%, Rakk Attack, STNTL, and Gamma Burst.

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Any splash or ASE anoints?

I’ve got a couple for Splash Shock/Corosive for sure. I can check the others. Others are fire/corrosive, and fire/cryo.

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Splash bonus on a shock/corrosive or a rad/corrosive would be magical. I will give you more than just those shredifiers for either

The one from the pic is perfect! The shredifiers are yours!

PSN: GuyIncognito84

Sure I’ll add you.

Sent you some shreds

Thanks got them. Playing with one now. Enjoy your Kyb’s.

And TC I’ll revisit your topic.

that x3 in fire and corrosive may be my favorite thing ever right now, thank you again!

What would you like for it?

I’ll take the accuracy. What do you want for it?

I’ll take it. What would you like for it?

I’ve got these super shreds.

125% badasses corrosive
125% Kinetic
Fire with next 2 mags additional shock
Corrosive next two mags corrosive
Radiation consecutive hits
Kinetic with Iron Bear cooldown
Cryo SNTNL bonus Cryo

And most elements without anointments
Looking for

Anointed X6 Dictators

Nimble Jack shotgun

Amara anointed mayhem 4 weapons in 250% and 300%.

Shock or cryo craps annointed with splash Damage

Moonfire Pistol in cryo annointed in SNTNL