LF Epic Everblast Shotgun (Fire) and Anointed Piss (Grenade)

Looking for these items, I have a bunch to trade. For the shotgun I want one with MIRV and homing. GT is CRUZZifer.

Have both, any chance you have a shock everblast ?? I’d do both for it.

What annointment is ur piss?

ASE terror

I have annointed piss, while terrified, gain health regen.

· Recuring Hex [Quasar +9 mirv]
· Cloning Hunter Seeker
· The Butcher [Cryo, Annointed: On ASE +% element damage mext 2 mags]
· Blast Master Mod [manufacturer dmg, shotgun dmg, Splash Damage, Health Regen]

Sorry late reply. I do have a shock version.

I honestly lost my anointed piss Grenade, I dropped it through the floor in sanctuary, dammit.

Any have a everblast 4 or 5 mirv homing in corrosive? I have them in fire, rad(has 120 splash anoint), and shock with 4 mirv then I have cryo a normal with 5 mirv homing. Also have a cutpurse deathless with 40 mag six, 33 aoe dmg, and 30 grenade dmg.


I have a corrosive one. I’ll trade for the fire?

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What’s your gamertag? I’ll be home in a hour or so but I do have someone lined up for a trade before you.
Gt: Uh Wayment

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CRUZZifer. Just send me a message when you’re on. I work 3rd shift so it’s kind of hard to line up schedules sometimes.

Do you still need a cloning Hunter Seeker?

I do not. Do you have any weapons with extra projectile anointment?