LF:Everblast H:DLC-Stuff (ION-CANNON

I’m searching for this spezialized “perfect” Everblasts:

Name: Everblast
Manufacturer: Tedior
Elements: fire/corrosion/shock/radiation/cryo
Anointments: ASE100/ASE125Splash/IB120Splash/Digi130
Prefix: Any
Suffix: ++ (13Magazine-Size)





Up again

Hope tomorrow will someone at least reply

Not sure if I have the exact but I have a super supercharged everblast ++ homing and 5 mirv.

Do either of your nuclear infinity have extra projectile?

Up again, I’m allways searching for thouse

I know the firesale everblast ++ with splash125 is out there

Up again

Looking especially for shock ASE125Splash one


Also have a Radiation with 4 projects + homing

I look for anointed only and as close to the describtion of the parts the weapon should have as possible

Up again

Did you ever find the shock Everblast you were looking for? I had one but it wasn’t annointed
Still wrecked shields though.

I have one close to what I searched for. But playstyle is boring AF so I don’t use them any more

Are your shocking homing 4-5 MIRVs Everblasts Level 53? I came across a Level 53 Vindicator Ghast Call. Please let me know if you would be interested in trading? Thanks Tom dot66

no its from good old lvl.50 days xD
It’s a 4Mirvs ASE125Splash one I think

I have the same. Level 50 Tediors. Another item I have been farming for is a transformer with the iron bear armor anoint. Do you have one? If not, I am sure you will have this or something else. Let me know and I can send the Ghast Call over. thanks Tom dot66

I have the transformer (also lvl50) .
If you’re interested in the transformer anyways (even if it’s only 50) we can do the trade.

So sorry, I should have been more specific. I have a level 50 transformer with the iron bear anoint. Lets try something else. What are some good level 53 artifacts or class mods that you have? It is unlikely I would have a duplicate of one of these. thanks Tom dot66