Lf everblast in shock

I’m looking for an everblast in shock with homing and mirv projectiles. I have lots to trade to hit me up with what you need. Gt anastas232

Have that. Looking for extra projectile lucians. Other terror annoits. New maliwan takedown weapons. Annointed maggies with cryo. Or shoot me an offer

Heres what I got:
Terror annoits:
Stimulating echo - terrified = increased DMG and fire rate
Night hawking - terrified = health regen
Auditing crossroads - terrified = increased DMG and fire rate
Carrier- terrified = extra projectile
Fearmonger - terrified = extra projectile

Other good annoits:
The duc-gamma burst= 65% rad DMG
Infinity- attack command = 30% life steal
Defrauding crossroads - digiclone = 12% mag regen
Facepuncher- phaseslam = 300% DMG
Flakker - ASE = 100% projectile speed
Stop gap - digiclone= 3% health per second
Re charger - ASE = 13% less DMG
Brainstormer - ASE = 50% bonus shock dmg

Random good stuff:
Ice breaker otto idol
Ice breaker victory rush
Corrosion everblast with mirv and homing

Sorry for delay catching up on trades. Carrier and relics sound good. May i see relic rolls?

All good haha. !
Here they are 15750984629895028643912450292267|500x500

You still interested in any of these?

Ill do it for carrier. gt is Tr1p1nSquirrelZ didnt see the rush tho only the other one

Here is the rush, already sent the carrier. Just lemme know if u want me to throw in the rush too