LF - Everblast SHOTGUNS + Tons to trade +

Guys look at the photos, see the parts i am looking for. The parts will come in handy since on anointed version you get no text telling you if it has MIRV or LEGS or HOMING

I am looking for Everblast and Fast blast shotguns by Tedidore, the highest damage you have in every element please in every element

I love these guys, Homing is my favorite. But the sticky guys with legs will just jump on and follow an enemy no matter how far he runs and is also very good, not to mention funny to watch.

See my trade posts, i have tons to trade -



farming most of the day off and on and found a whole bunch of Proturence and Kaibasa Shotguns both blue and purple.

So i also have these for trade

You looking only shot guns that do that? I found a keenfire that mirvs 3 and homes

Yes, only shotguns,

damn if i had saw this thread just a minute before…I just left a purple Tediore with sticky on the ground.

Maybe itll be in my lost loot

Actually it was Blue, but i have it.

Would you be interested in this?

Been farming them all day, have found a whole bunch, shock and normal , but no luck finding fire or corrosive today

You still looking these? I found one last night that mirvs into 5 and homes.

Yes, i plan to farm them again tonight now that i know where they drop a ton. Last night say the other shottys dropping also like Protenence and Kailbasa. Last night got those in every element

I’ll send you one in the mail later this evening. If while farming you happen to find a snowdrift Otto idol please let me know.

I think i have a few of those, will send one over, your already on my friends list

Yep, sure am. That would be appreciated

very nice, too bad it doesn’t have homing. but it may still be good

I sent you another shotty just fyi

was doing it offline, tons o drops. went online in same instance, so still seems to work, my buddy just left with 35 purples he had been looking for, a lot od kailbasa, and others. if you want to try this before i move on message me in game