LF Everything. hlep

I been farming non-stop this week trying to put together a build for Zane. Of the 4-5 items I have tried to acquire I have been able get exactly zero of them even with the loot event happening. I had hoped I could farm those items and then spend some time farming some standard items like Monarchs etc…but since I didn’t get any items I’m looking for I ended up getting nothing but I digress…

I have a lot of stuff in the bank…who knows if I have something you need but maybe. What I’m looking for…

-Icebreaker Victory Rush w/ decent rolls (+Cryo damage, +mag size, +AS dmg, +Rad dmg, +weapon dmg etc…)
-Radiation Light Show w/ SNTL Cryo anointment
-Radiation Flipper w/ SNTL Cryo anointment
-Radiation Beacon w/ SNTL Cryo anointment
-Radiation Sand Hawk w/ SNTL Cryo anointment

I been farming for hours again today. Managed to get a Radiation Light Show with SNTL Cryo so that one is complete at least. Since I got that I been farming the Icebreaker again for like the 3rd day. Still no luck!

I can help you out my brother!!!

I have:
Rad Flipper with SNTNL Cryo
Monarch x4 Kinetic with SNTNL Cryo

Still have that Snowdrift Victory Rush we discussed previously if you want it. The passives on it are 54٪ Mag Size, 27% Action Skill Cooldown and I forget the third.

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Nice man. Those guns sound pretty good! Let me know what you are looking for and I can see if I have it. I actually have gotten a couple Snowdrift Victory Rush during my farming for an Icebreaker so I’m probably good on that. I’m on Epic Sidartha_star is the name.


Request was sent …

I’m not really looking for anything but I appreciate the offer.

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OMG finally…

It even has Rad damage on it…amazeballzz.

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