Lf extra rakk charge omniloader

Probably a long shot but I’ve got a lot to trade

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That’s a cool combo, you using this to proc ase as well as reloading all weapon’s I assume? I’m running through tvhm with my flak and I will let you know if (Big IF) I get this!

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That’s exactly what I want it for. And I appreciate it

I think it’s a brilliant use for the Omni with that annointment. I have been debating resetting, I just wish you could farm quest rewards

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Right. I’ve got this idea now it’s just getting what I need for it😅

I’m on Xbox as well I will put some feelers out

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I think that’s something a lot of people are still missing from this game. Everyone wants god roll everything. No one wants to take the simple stuff and turn it into something cool

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Yeah, I would love to try this. Will be my luck that the Omni can’t be annointed :sweat:

If I find one though I’ll do my best to remember to give you a heads up. Feel free to add me too to remind me. Gt CrittaCrit

They do come annointed got a sliding accuracy one

What mission do you recieve this gun?

The family jewel. Just restarted one of my tvhm playthroughs to attempt getting it again

I recently reset my playthrough on my Fl4k too. If I get it I’ll send it.

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