LF Face Puncher (Terror Melee) & MIRV Hex (Terror Ammo Regen Anointment)

Preferably Radiation or Cryo for the grenade. Also looking for a MIRV Hex with a elemental anointment. Have some goodies to trade for.

GT is CRUZZifer.

Hey man I have the facepuncher with terror on melee. You got any corrosive cutsmans with sntl annoint, while gamma burst is active do dmg, 100% on ase, or 125% to bosses. Will also take incendiary version.

I have a fire binary Cutsman with 100% damage ASE.

Would you mind a trade. I can send in the morning. Gt is Ye olde wolf

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Yes I will add you and send it to you tonight.

Hey I can’t find you, just add me CRUZZifer and I’ll send the gun.

Added ya buddy. I was gonna send this morning before work but I slept in. I will send as soon as I get on this afternoon/evening

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Just sent over that facepuncher for ya

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Sweet. As soon as I get (in about 3 hours) from work I will send your Cutsman.

Sounds good, thank you