LF Face-puncher x7 ASE life steal 8 mag

Looking for a pretty specific face-puncher… x7, 8mag and ASE 15% life steal anoint.

Have stuff, especially melee stuff. May have what you need.

Why 8 mag?
I’ll keep in mind to stash one.

More shots before reloading. I want to try it with my melee FL4K so I can use a stone artifact rather than a knife drain. Have good health regen in fade away but between action skill usage I struggle, hence the knife drain. I have a lovely set of elemental stone white elephants and I would like to try them with an ASE lifesteal FP. I have a x14 6 mag but it is only 3 shots before reload, making it impractical for most mobbing applications.

I will take a look. Possible I have that exact one.

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I looked and the one I was thinking of has damage reduction, not lifesteal.
Sorry. Hope you find one…

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x7, 6 mag just dropped for me if you are still looking. -30% wpn dmg so not perfect one.

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6 mag would work. It’s the fade away scaled melee damage and white elephant that do the heavy lifting with this build so I don’t expect the weapon damage reduction to be noticeable.

Just picked up a redundant one with the lifesteal on ASE if you are interested

Is that the x14 variant? If so, I have that in an 8 mag already :slight_smile:

It is indeed, 6 mag variant

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