LF Face-puncher x7 ASE life steal 8 mag

Looking for a pretty specific face-puncher… x7, 8mag and ASE 15% life steal anoint.

Have stuff, especially melee stuff. May have what you need.

Why 8 mag?
I’ll keep in mind to stash one.

More shots before reloading. I want to try it with my melee FL4K so I can use a stone artifact rather than a knife drain. Have good health regen in fade away but between action skill usage I struggle, hence the knife drain. I have a lovely set of elemental stone white elephants and I would like to try them with an ASE lifesteal FP. I have a x14 6 mag but it is only 3 shots before reload, making it impractical for most mobbing applications.

I will take a look. Possible I have that exact one.

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I looked and the one I was thinking of has damage reduction, not lifesteal.
Sorry. Hope you find one…

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x7, 6 mag just dropped for me if you are still looking. -30% wpn dmg so not perfect one.

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6 mag would work. It’s the fade away scaled melee damage and white elephant that do the heavy lifting with this build so I don’t expect the weapon damage reduction to be noticeable.

Just picked up a redundant one with the lifesteal on ASE if you are interested

Is that the x14 variant? If so, I have that in an 8 mag already :slight_smile:

It is indeed, 6 mag variant

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Are you still looking for the facepuncher? Just got a deep dive X7 with ASE 15% life steal, 8 mag. LMK

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I am, that would be marvellous. What you after in return? I have great melee gear: stingers, white elephants, coms for fl4k and amara…

Do you have any other gear from the guardian takedown, basically anything with sntl or 50/150 rad?

I will take a look but I am not hopeful. I rarely run GT and so have never farmed. Have a bank full of m10 lvl 60 gear.

I have some M10 L57 fishslaps I think, what are you looking for exactly? When it comes to a trade for the facepuncher what is your best stinger shield?

I have stingers all elements ass, frozen heart ass,

Only sntnl cryo or urad gear I have is:


sntnl cryo 100%:

Fire cutsman D7842
Monarch kinetic D2475x8
Projectile recursion fire/shock D15068
Tidal Wave kinetic D2531x25
Krakatoa D40218
Creamer non-elemental D34618
Miscreant shock D8356


Yellowcake D26824x2 (lvl 57)
Backburner corrosive D36668
OPQ D7267x2 (lvl 57)

Fishslaps were acquired on whatever was the highest level of mayhem at the time of the cartel event not sure if it was 4 or 10, but are all legit level 57 grenades. Just send me a rad ASS stinger and I will mail you the facepuncher

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Thanks for the facepunchers, got 'em in the mail. Anything you’re looking for?

No problem.
Not really, maybe a shock Sandhawk with SNTNL cryo, or good Kings/Queens Call. Thats the two last items I’m farming.