LF Facepuncher with phaseslam melee annointment

Have full bank to trade not many annointed unfortunately

i think i might have one of them u got a shock or fire dictator?

I dont think so but I can check once I get back on had to hope off for a bit

Just checked and no dictator anything else you might be looking for

you got any of the bloody harvest stuff?

I got the fearmonger shotgun

if you wanna trade that 4 it. its up 2 u

Sure my GT is ShwammPOWW if you want to send it over I’m away from my xbox right now but I can send it later

If your still interested in the trade I’m on now

gimme 5 to finish game im playing and ill send u friend request


Thanks dude been trying to get one to drop during this weeks event, I sent over the fearmonger enjoy!

no probs bruv u 2.