LF Facepuncher with Terror annoint (and other moze build stuff

PSN: BankaiBear Honestly, I don’t have much to trade, but I can try to get or may have what you’re looking for. I just want to have a strong moze build lol. I appreciate any help.

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Do you have any annointed Moarr Linage or other CoV weapons?

I think I can still help you out regardless but don’t hurt to check.

For COV, I have a while terrified gain increase to damage and fire rate Moarr linage, an ASE 20% rad damage pestilence, an ASE next two mags have 50% shock pestilence, and embrace the pain with while airborne accuracy and handling increase by 75%.

I also have a sawbar with killing an enemy grants 5% weapon damage and reload speed for 25 sec

I have one but idk the terror annoiment I can look when I get home