LF Facepuncher x14 ASA 200% damage + Stone White Elephant

As per the title I am looking for a Facepunchers x14 with the ASA 200% damage anointment.

Also looking for a Radiation stone White Elephant with Melee, AS cooldown and AOE damage

Have stuff, maybe have what you need.

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What are you looking for? I have great White Elephants: cutpurse, EP, knidfe drain. Great breaker and driver coms. 300/90 facepunchers. 300/90 432% unforgiven. Stinger shields all flavours, Frozen heart all ASS shield break.

plus a heap of other stuff, inc cartel gear.

Nothing, thx :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, i’m looking for your stingers, anything else you want?

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Send me a fr to Muletastic and I’ll mail them to you. Just looking for the x14 fp with asa 200% damage.

stinger ASA?

Action skill start