LF Fearmonger shotgun

Annointed terror, annointed, or regular

If annointed terror or annointed will add a annointed legendary to even deal.

I should have an anointed terror radiation fearmonger. On ase it consumes all terror and releases a cryo burst. I’ll double check but it won’t be till this afternoon or evening for me, so about 9-10 hours from now.

I was able to check this morning. Here is what I have:

Ooof like that would be perfect if it wasnt for the effect. I guess if i run ammo regen it might work. You got anything else? Phaseslam annointeds, ammo return class modes, etc?

We can work something out, and if we cant ill just give u the nade. Thought event was over yesterday lmao

That’s the only fearmonger I have. I plan on doing a few more heck runs tonight. I’ll see if I get another.

I’ve got these things…

I gotta check but i think i got another shield so if i do if you want it, it’s urs fam.

If you have a spare and don’t want it I’ll take it. My GT is jflake05. I don’t care if it’s not good, I just want it to have at least one of each event legendary.

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Check ur mail

I’ll check it when I get off work. Thanks again. I’ll send over the radiation fearmonger I have and you can do whatever with it.

Got the shield and also I sent over the fearmonger I had.

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