LF Few Weapons for my Builds

What i’m looking for :
Lucian’s call Cyro with SNTNL 50% Cyro with 70+ accuarcy
Maggie with SNTNL 50% Cyro
Maggie Gamma burst 65% Radiation
Lyuda Gamma burst 65% Radiation

I got a decent amount of items that i can trade if you need something i will see if i have it

I got a gamma burst maggie if you are interested

What would you want in return?

what you got? im looking for terror on action skill end shields and radiation melee imbued commander planetoid. other than that im up for offers

Not playing game atm will check later i might have those which vault hunter you got so i can check for those kinda things

Just fl4k atm, recently moved to pc so im still getting my bearings

Don’t have what you’re looking for but i might have some decent things you can add me on Epic IGN: XSilentDream and i will type to you what i have once i get on

added you, let me know whenever :slight_smile: