LF few weapons/items for some builds

What i’m looking for:
2 Shot Lump rocket launcher
Cloning Ghast call or Cloning Madding tracker
Flesh Melter Deathless

Got a lot of stuff i can trade so type to me what you need and i’ll see if i have it


I got a cloning ghast call if you want.
Also got a Stuffed Shredded Lump (Corrosive) - 6653*2 (Terrror, Increased crit dmg)

If interested, lemme know. Add me on epic, Vin Blake.

Sure i’d like both of those

What are you looking for?

there are yours, hit me with a friend request, I’ll be on in a couple of mins, I’ll send them over

Nothing really, you can just have them, clears my bank and mules a bit haha.

oh alright thanks

Items send, enjoy!