LF fire 3x kyb's with 160% splash moze

Need a kyb’s worth with the large magazine (44+) with fire element second element preferably shock , consumes two ammo (3x) with the moze 160% splash anointment.
Also would love a quickie that has the moze splash anointment prefer kinetic or corrosive.
I have all the SNTL redistributors and cutsmans to trade God roll moze and Zane com’s, 100% on ase weapons plus lots more to trade with so pls pm me if you have it with what your looking for.


U have any good raging bear class mod?

I have a few moze splash kybs

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Do they fit the description I gave exactly?
Fire, consumes two ammo, 44+ magazine size?

Let me know what rolls your after as I have others

My kybs is fire and shock 390 x3 damage but only 37 mag size. :frowning:

Yeah I have a similar one I need the larger magazine sadly


Ding a ling
Will also accept normal 2x version

hello do you have * Ion cannon x 2 (corro):After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% increased Splash Damage for 18 seconds.

Do u have it? Wanna trade?

I’m looking for it

I have the cryo ion cannon x2 with 160% splash

Have a 160% splash 44 clip mag x2 with incen and cryo
Let me know if interested

Yeah I’m definitely interested what are you looking for?

dictators for zane corros and shock
Cutsmen for zane shock
Both sntnl

Or shock or corros redistributor sntnl for him

Well I have all of those which one you want? Sorry my dictator is cryo