LF Fire Cutsman and/or Crossroads lvl 50

Have things willing to trade.

GT: MegalomaniacHD


I have a few fire cutsman, including this anointed one.

I’d love one if you’re willing to part with one! I’m using on my Amara, so don’t necessarily need the Flak anoited.
Anything in particular you’re looking for?

I need an anointed Facepuncher, or Brawler Ward mod. I have non anointed version as well.

I believe I have an annoited Brawler. I can check when i get home!

Let me know, I can send out the Cutsman tonight when I get home. My gamertag is JumpnSpyder

Will do, thanks! My GT is listed above

Sounds good, I’m pretty sure i also have the Crossroads that I can send along. But I need to check on that one.

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