LF fire Fish Slap

Looking for Fire fish slap, I got lots of coms and useful gear.
Xbox GT:

Fire? Or fire dmg ase? Have one fire if you still need it. Not really into duping but I’ll gladly trade it for some Fl4k 150 under 50 guns.

Yeah my bad I’m not much of a duper since it’s way tougher in bl3. I have a lot of URAD gear so I’m open!

Sent you a message.

Ehy boys if you want we can dupe one of these, we could have all three that Fishslap XD

.> I meannnnnnnn now your talking lol we already sent each other gear but I appreciate it

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You want one? Still have 3 different ones :slight_smile: tried it on rakk/stinger/psycho stabber 300/90 but it was gamebraking :smiley: